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The truth about the Tijaniyah Sufis

It was said that Abul-^abbas at-Tijani during the occupation of morocco, his Tariqah was changed and perverted between his followers it’s possible that he is not like them, it’s possible that they are like the Yashrutiyah. They have a statement they say “O Allah raise the rank of the prophet the one who is really You” they claim that Muhammad is Allah Himself wal^iyathubillah. They claim they are sufies, they claim that anyone who takes their Tariqah becomes better then the Qutub Waliy. They sit in a circle and recite their Wird and claim that the prophet sits with them. They have other strange false beliefs.


We ask Allah to protect us and keep us stead fast on the Sunnah of the Prophet peace be upon him and Allah knows best.