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Once upon a time, long time ago during the battle of "Yarmuk", there was a Roman leader named Georgeah.

This roman leader had a fierce army and prepared it to fight the Muslims. The Muslim army at that time was led by a great leader named Khalid bin al-Walid, and our Prophet Muhammad had named him "Sayfullah" that literally means "the sword of Allah" which means he fights for the sake of Allah.

One day, when both armies met face to face, Georgeah asked Khalid Ibn al-Walid a question, he said: "Did Allah descend a sword from the heaven on your Prophet who gave it to you such that every time you fight, you win? Is that why they call you 'The Sword of Allah'?"

At that, Khalid Ibn al-Walid informed him about Islam. And of course, he was called "Sayfullah" referring to his great courage in fighting and defending the religion of Islam.

Georgeah asked: "What does one get when one embraces your Religion?"

Khalid Ibn al-Walid told him: "He becomes one of us, and Allah forgives all his sins."

Then Georgeah asked: "What does one do to embrace your Religion?" and Khalid Ibn al-Walid taught him the Testification of Faith (two shahadas.)

Georgeah uttered the Testification of Faith, went and made ghusl bath, prayed two rak^ah and then stood with the Muslim army. He fought in that battle until he died!! And he died as a Muslim martyr (Shaheed).

Georgeah became a Muslim, served little time as a new Muslim, but gained a lot of reward in the hereafter because the when the Muslim martyr dies, all his/her sins are erased and he/she will have a great status in Paradise.

Khalid Ibn Walid, was a great Companion, and a great, brave hero.


(Story is narrated by imam al-Bayhaqiy and others)