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The Simple Truth

Title 1: Lesson
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Title 2: Introduction
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Title 3: The Simple Truth
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The Simple Truth


Hard times may come to you; you live your life with this simple truth.

Trying to avoid that is really no use, Allah owns me and He owns you.
God brings those trials that come to you, and also blessings just as true.

In this life you know we are passing through this world until we end

And the fruits of all your labors for this life may never reach you.
Seek the reward of Heaven. Subhanallah.
Though all shall pass we know not when from fleeting life to sudden end

The pious ones strive with patience, when all life's pleasures slip away

And for you who achieve this Allah would ease your death for you.

Ask your Lord to help you. Subhanallah.

The pious ones who live with strife, God brings relief in death and life.
Your life will pass as if a moment, in your late years what will you say.

Work while you can, be sincere, and may Allah forgive you.

Follow Islam and you won't lose. Subhanallah.
The people shall deserve it well to dwell in Paradise or Hell.

Work while you can. Be sincere, and may Allah protect you.

Follow Islam and you won't lose.
Subhanallah. With patience Prophets led the way, for goodness till the last of days.

Title 4: Prophet Noah
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Prophet Noah


Patient and brave, Prophet Noah was a great and honorable slave,

Calling people to worship God only. He and those who followed him were saved.

Prophet Noah was the first Prophet sent to blasphemers who filled the Earth.

Prophet Noah never worshipped the idols. He was Muslim from his birth.
Prophet Noah kept on calling the people to leave their blasphemy.

Some believed but many people harmed him. He endured the calamities.

When God revealed that no more would follow, Noah asked that the earth would be free.

From those mean and unjust people who worshipped unrightfully.

God revealed that an ark must be built. Noah worked on this decree.
The believers and animals would enter being brought to safety.

Then God made water from the Earth spring up, and rain fell from the skies

All the blasphemers were drowned in this great flood, even those who climbed mountains high
Then the waters of the flood subsided. Noah's ark came to rest.
Prophet Noah and his followers could come out; they have passed through this great test.

Title 5: I Know
Duration: 4:15
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I Know


Whatever I know, I know Allah willed whatever I know.

Whatever I do, I know Allah willed whatever I do.
Whatever I say, I know Allah willed whatever I say
With whatever I do and what ever I say, O Allah guide me everyday.

Title 6: I Submit to You
Duration: 4:17
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I Submit to You


Everywhere I go, I see Your blessings, every need I have I'm sure You know.

Everything I do, You gave me the ability, O God I submit to You.

You are the One Who helps a lonely soul, You are the One Who makes someone feel whole.

You are the One Who blesses a cold and hungry man, and makes him warm and fully fed.

You are the One Who opens up the way; You are the One Who creates a brighter day.

You are the One Who changes hearts that are like stones, and makes them soft. You alone.

How can I thank You God for Your blessings? Help me sing the words of proper praise.

Help me fill my days, with deeds done the best of ways, O God I submit to You.

Title 7: Mary - The mother of Jesus
Duration: 2:34
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Mary - The mother of Jesus


Mother of Mary, longing for a young one, asked God for the blessings of a child.

Though she thought that the child might be a boy, it was a girl, and she called her Mary.

Mary, mother of Jesus, Mary was the blessing of a child.

Mary, mother of Jesus, best of the women and she always will be.

Prophet Zachary, peace be upon him, raised Mary well on the rules of Islam.

She worked very hard to be humble and pious. No other woman will ascend her rank.

Mary, mother of Jesus, Mary, humble and pious,

Mary, mother of Jesus, best of the women and she always will be.

She used to get the fruits of the summer in the winter. You know she was very blessed.

She used to get the fruits of the winter in the summer. Our hearts fill with love for

Mary, mother of Jesus, Mary, served by the Angels,

Mary, mother of Jesus, best of the women and she always be.

Mary conceived immaculately, as a babe in arms Jesus cleared her name.

Didn’t Adam exist even before Eve? Whatever God willed to be shall be.

Mary, mother of Jesus, Mary, mother of a Prophet,

Mary, mother of Jesus, best of the women and she always will be.

Title 8: Martyr’s Du^a’
Duration: 3:08
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Martyr’s Du^a’


O Allah admit me into al-Jannah. Help me to obey You and not be a sinner.

O Allah admit me into al-Jannah. I pray that on the Day of Judgment I am a winner.

O Allah please have mercy upon your slave, help me not be wasteful with endowments you gave.

Your gifts of sight and hearing are for Your worship only. Knowing angels surround me I’m never lonely.

Protect my eyes from gazing in evil desire, sinful wishes carried out lead to the fire.

Guard my tongue from making me a liar. I pray my speech will raise my status higher.

There's a taste sweeter than honey that flows in streams. There are beautiful scenes which are better than dreams.

Praises are due to the Lord of all things. I thank Him for what He brings.

I pray to die as a martyr leaving earth with no sins, with my soul above the heavens among those who win.

Flying over gardens of Paradise. This wealth waiting for one is so very nice.

Title 9: O Beloved One
Duration: 4:44
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O Beloved One


Your face is brighter than the shining moon, lighting up the world with truth.

We are here and we think of you, O beloved one, Prophet of Allah;

Allah sent you as a mercy from Him. Who follows you surely shall win.

You bring the light of Islam; you are the seal of all the messengers.

You bring the light to the entire world. You bring the hope to enter Paradise.

Islam is the way to Paradise, O Rasulullah, Prophet of Allah.

Well my friends, the time has come, acquire knowledge and seek unity.

From the light of Rasulullah, O Muhammad, Rasulullah.

Title 10: Madinah
Duration: 2:41
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Look ahead what me see, Madinah lay der, a der me ago fe do my prayers.

And when dat prayer is finished done, to the Prophet give my salutation.

For me travel just to be inna dis land, left and right me see Muslims, man and woman.

Struggle to hold back tears behind me eyelids, as I travel down the path that my prophet did.

In Makkah he suffered calamities, by the hands of the followers of blasphemy.

When I think of his suffering at it's full worst, it's enough to make a Muslim's heart burst.

In Madinah da Muslims find a refuge, as de number of dem begins fe grow.

Here dey practiced and learned from the best of men, and was grateful to God he was among them.

Title 11: We Ask Allah
Duration: 3:35
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We Ask Allah


We ask Allah to bless us with the guidance, and keep us on the path of Islam.

We ask Allah to add to our knowledge, and grant us the sincere intentions.
We ask Allah to protect his nation from the path to hellfire.
Everyday is filled with many blessings. Don't you see them just look around.
Everyday is filled with many blessings, yes it is. Look for those blessings you have not yet found.
If you have sight that sight is a blessing. If you can hear what a blessing you have.
If you accept your Lord is not like any man, you have a blessing which others may not have.
So thank your Lord for all of your blessings. Don't forget to thank Him night and day.
And say for sure Allah is the One and only God and that Muhammad is his last Messenger.

Title 12: The Belief of The Muslims
Duration: 3:34
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The Belief of The Muslims


We begin in the name of God, the One Who created everyone.

We praise God Almighty, the One not in need of anyone.

We ask God to bless Muhammad, the last of God's Messengers.

No Prophet is born after him; he is the best of Islam's defenders.

God is our Creator; no one else creates.

The fact that God exists is not a question of debate.

God exists with no beginning and God is alive without an end.

God's life is not like our life; God does not descend or ascend.

God exists and is alive without being in a place.

God is not a body; God has neither hands nor face.

What ever picture comes to your mind, be it a shape or light.

Know that this is not your Lord, the One with a great might.

God has power over all creation; nothing escapes God's sight.

God hears all that's hearable; God knows all, both wrong and right.

Everything which happens is by the will of God.

Whatever God wills to be shall be, both what's typical and odd.

God speaks without a tongue or lips; God orders, promises and forbids.

God reveals things to the Prophets; telling others is what the Prophets did.

All Messengers are Prophets; they are the best of men.

To Prophets God revealed the message; some written with a pen.

Prophets always told the truth from birth until their death.

Prophets never blasphemed from birth until their last breath.

Great sins were never done by them nor a sin that's mean.

Prophets are the most beautiful men people have ever seen.

Every Prophet is a Muslim; all had the same belief.

Every Prophet told of Paradise and hellfire without relief.

Every person will either dwell in Paradise or in Hell.

The dwelling is forever, so follow our Prophet well.

The Prophets lead the people on the path to Paradise.

Always follow Muhammad and take his good advice.

Before Muhammad were many noble Prophets true.

Jesus, Moses, Noah and Adam are names of only few.

We love God more than anyone and we love the Prophets all.

No one deserves worship except God, our Lord. This is the Muslim's call.

Title 13: Chillin_Like_A_Muslim
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Title 14: Come Join
Duration: 2:23
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Come Join


Come join in the celebration of the best of all creation.

Let's all take the time to show, a feeling we all know,
Expressing our love and unity and praising Allah for an-Nabiyy.
Remember the day for its great worth let's celebrate our Prophet's birth.

So let us celebrate this day, in every halal way:

Reciting Qur'an and singing madih of the Prophet sent to you and me.
To whom Qur'an was revealed and the prophet hood was sealed.

Many great merits our Prophet had; following Sunnah isn't just a fad.

For those who seek great success, adhering to the Prophet’s way is best.
It's the way towards piety, the great cure for this society.

What better role model could there be? Who else could lead humanity?

Our Prophet is a guiding light; he is the source of our great pride.
Muhammad taught us not to sin; if we follow him we'll surely win.

Title 15:End (Contact us)
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The Simple Truth