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The Misguidance of Ibn Taymiah

Bismillah, I ask Allah to guide us and you to the correct path.

Beware of a man named: Ahmad Ibn Taymiah, who died over 700 years ago. Ibn taymiah has many deviations from Islam. Imam al-Mujtahid as-Subkiy who lived during the time of Ibn Taymiah, reported that Ibn Taimiyah opposed unanimous agreement of the scholars of Islam in over 60 Islamic Issues. And he along with the scholars during his time declared him as a Kafir for many deviant beliefs and sayings that he never repented from.

Among the abhorrent and false beliefs of Ibn Taymiah:
-He claims that Allah is a body.
-He claims that Allah sits on the throne and seats Prophet Muhammad beside him (Majmoo^ Fatawa).
-He Claims that Allah if willed, can sit on the back of a mosquito.
* No doubt Allah is able to do anything he wills, but such a saying attributes to Allah the sitting, the body and form. And that is kufur. The will of Allah is NOT contingent to the intellectual impossibilities.

-He claims that it's a sin to intend to travel to visit the grave of Prophet Muhammad.
-He claims it's shirk to make Tawassul by Prophet Muhammad.
-He claims that hellfire ends and punishment on kuffar ends.
-He claims that this world is eternal by kind with Allah!! He claims the kind of the world does not have a beginning!!.

And He has many false beliefs that the scholars of his time mentioned and authored against him, in which he had deviated from the path of Ahlus-Sunnah wal Jama^ah. That's why wahabies use him as source for their beliefs, and that's why they are mislead and misguided from Ahlus-Sunnah.

Ibn Taymiah was imprisoned by the order of 4 Muslim Judges that were from the 4 famous schools (Madhahib): Shafi^i, Maliki, Hanbali, and hanafi schools.

He war imprisoned 4 times, and died in the prison due to his false and blasphemous beliefs.

Hence, Ibn Taymiah at the end deviated from Ahlus-Sunnah Wal Jama^ah and opposed Ijma^, unanimous agreement of the Muslims to the extent of belying the Quran and alsunna of the Prophet Sallallahu Alayhi wa Sallam.

Read from the book of Ibn Taymiah claiming that Allah sits on the throne and seats Muhammad beside him (Read from the book of Ibn Taymiah claiming that Allah sits on the throne and seats Muhammad beside him (Read his book "Majmoo^ al-Fatawa" 4, page 374 as he ascribes Allah with sitting on the throne beside Prophet Muhmmad):

Such claim is kufur (blasphemy) that negates the essential meaning of Tawheed.

Allah existed before time and place. Before throne or any of the creations. And was not sitting nor did Allah develop or change. Change is from the signs of creation.

You may find more refernces from his books on such misguidance:

Be warned from ALL fancy looking, but false books of Ibn Taymiah. Be warned of Ibn Taymiah and his followers, and warn others from his teachings, sayings and widespread false books. May Allah protect us, and unite our ummah on our clear Islamic principles.