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Seeking Blessings from the Prophet's Grave

Question- what is the proof that acquiring barakah from Prophet Muhammad's (peace be upon him) grave is permissible is Islam....?

Answer - Praise be to Allah, and may Allah raise the rank of Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him.

Allah made Prophet Muhammad the best of the creation and he made him the most blessed, this means that wherever the prophet is in the place will also have the blessings.

Proofs on the Permissibility of Tabarruk:

Both Al-Hakim and Adh-dhahabi related that abu Ayyoub visited the grave of the prophet and put his face on one of the walls of the honorable grave.

Imam Ahmad was asked about a man put his hand on the grave of the prophet he answered if he is seeking blessing from the prophet then it is permissible. As mentioned in the book named (كتاب العلل ومعرفة الرجال) al-^ilal and knowing the men.

Imam Ahmad Tabarruk Tawassul الإمام أحمد يجيز التبرك بقبر النبي

It's also confirmed in al-Bukhariy that when the Prophet made his Hajj of al-Ji^ranah, he cut his hair and distributed it to the companions, some took one hair some took two hairs and others took few. The Prophet distributed his hair  to them for the blessings it pertains by the will of Allah subhanahu.

Also there are a lot of evidences showing the permissibility of seeking blessings of the prophet, among of that is the unanimous agreement of the scholars of Islam (ijma^).

And Allah knows best.