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Sunnis vs. Takfeeries

The difference between the Global Takfeeries Ideology (accusing Muslims with blasphemy) and Sunnis is based on seven principles. These principles contradict Sunni beliefs and convictions.

The Takfeeries follow a religion they made and the Sunnis do not accept it.

  1. Misunderstanding Islamic Text
  • The Takfeeries follow the literal meaning of the Quranic verses and Prophet’s hadith texts.
  • By this way, they believe in Allah being a body with a face, eyes, hands, chin, fingers, fist, feet and they said Allah moves between the skies and the ceiling of paradise and sits on it, smells, hesitates, becomes angry and pleasant. He left a place for the Prophet to sit next to him on the Day of Judgment.
  1. Misunderstanding Meaning of Worship
  • For them, the person becomes a non-Muslim if he fears someone other than Allah, or calls the name of other than Allah, like the Prophet, mercy and peace upon him, or visits his grave, or asks for help from other than Allah.
  • They divided Tawheed (i.e., believing in Allah’s Oneness) into three parts and said that the Muslim commits shirk when he/she calls the Prophet’s name after his death, even though the Muslim believe in Allah’s Lordship.  This is the Takfeeries greatest innovation.
  • They equated between the Muslim and the pagan. They said the pagans believe in Allah’s Lordship like that Muslim. They considered them believers of Tawheed, by that.
  • They refused the hadith of alBukhariyy in which Ibn `Umar called the Prophet after the Prophet’s death, mercy and peace upon him.
  • They considered some companions like Abu `Ayyoob alAnsaariyy and others mushrik because they visited the grave of the Prophet, mercy and peace upon him.
  1. Not Following the Fiqh Madhaahib
  • They ridicule and belittle Imam Abu Hanifah, may Allah raise his rank, and reject other scholars of
  • They claim to follow Quran and Sunnah as if the four Sunni imams do not follow Quran and Sunnah.
  •  They deliver and teach major misunderstanding for the Islamic rules and Sharee`ah. 
  • Some of them called those who follow madhhab as kuffaar and claimed that they took their imams as their God.  The likened them to the Jews and Christians.
  • The permit the ignorant ones to give judgments without having Islamic Knowledge and justify suicide to kill Sunni Muslims.
  1. Discrediting Family of the Prophet
  • They disregard the Family of the Prophet, mercy and peace upon him,
  • They degrade the correct Sufis who have among them the Four Guided Caliphs and Imam alJunayd alBaghdadiyy.
  • They deny the validity of seeking the blessing by the traces of the Prophet, mercy and peace upon him, which is considered Islamically valid by Ahlus Sunnah. They consider this as shirk.
  • Prophet Muhammad distributed his hair among his companions; and Prophet Yusuf sent his shirt for his father to use it as a cure for his sickness as mentioned in soorat Yusuf 93.
  1. Misunderstanding the meaning of Innovation
  • The Takfeeries misunderstand the meaning of innovation and consequently accuse Muslims with shirk, because the Takfeeries believe that every innovation is misguidance and it leads to Fire.
  • Imam Shafi`iyy and others said that the Innovation is either one of guidance or misguidance. If it contradicts Quran, Sunnah, consensus or companions’ doing it is misguidance, otherwise it is acceptable. This follows the hadith of Prophet, mercy and peace upon him, narrated by Muslim.
  • Our master `Umar said about Taraweeh in Congregation a good innovation, as alBukhariyy narrated.
  • The Takfeeries accepts to use visa to go to hajj and accept to pay zakah by checks. These were not used during the time of the Prophet, mercy and peace upon him, and are considered innovations in worship.
  1. Claiming that Muslims Stopped to Exist
  • They claim that Muslims stopped to exist and Muslims worshipped the graves, the waliyys, the trees and things other than Allah.
  • They said innovation became prevalent among them and none fought it until the Takfeeris’ leaders came to bring people back to Islam.
  • The Prophet, mercy and peace upon him, said that there will be always Muslims from his nation on the right path until the Day of Judgment. (Muslim)
  • Muslims scholars like Imams anNawawiyy, `Izz bin `Abdus Salaam, Sheraaziyy, Ibn Amir alHaajj and other Sunni scholars are famous in fighting bad innovations.
  • Imam alAsh`ariyy and alMaatoreediyy and their followers who are in thousands are known for defending Islam and refuting its enemies and the strayed factions.
  1. Claiming they are the only Muslims
  • In their books they wrote and in their speeches they said that no one under the sky or on earth is a Muslim except them and their followers.
  • They claimed that they are the only Muslims and issued Takfeer (accusing of blasphemy) for all those who are not with them as mentioned by Imam Muftiy Ahmad Zayniy Dahlaan and others and the books this group authored calling people in Turkey, Iraq, Sham, Egypt and Yemen all non-Muslims.
  • They justified killing, looting, robbing and bombing Muslims.

Islam and Muslim Scholars stand united against all these radical and extreme ideologies.