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Be Warned from the mistakes of the following people

Bismillah, praise be to Allah the lord of the worlds, the most-powerful, the creator of all the creations, the one who is not a body or form and has no beginning and the one who exists without a place subhanahu, I ask Allah to raise the rank of our beloved prophet and leader, Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

Muslims, beware of those who oppose the religion of Islam. Beware of the groups of people who claim to be sunnies, and oppose the Sunni fundamentals. It'

And know that the prophet peace be upon him said “whomever amongst you sees a Munkar let him change it by his hand, if he was unable, the by his tongue, if he was unable then by his heart and that is the least of the faith (Iman)”. Related by Muslim. And so it's our duty to warn from the misguidance.

Many individuals emerged with extreme misconceptions and decided to form groups of their own, in which they started to oppose the religion of Islam. We are obligated in Islam to warn from such groups for opposing Islam. Among those extreme groups:

1.   The Wahabiayh (followers of Ibn Taymiah and Muhammad bin Abdul-Wahhab). They liken Allah to His creations, they believe that Allah is a physical body with physical organs, and they consider visiting the Prophet and seeking blessings from his traces as shirk.

2.   Hizbul-Ikhwan, a group who deviated from its founder Sheikh Hassan al-Banna and followed the extremist Sayid Qutub. They believe that anyone who deals with the government even in the slightest matter is a blasphemer mushrik and should be killed. One must be warned also from the fatwas of:

Al-Qaradawi: He claims that the Prophet makes mistakes in Islamic teachings. He follows Wahhabis in some issues, and is in love of Sayid qutub and his extreme beliefs. He has many fatwas that breached the Ijma^ of Ahlus-Sunnah. 

3.   Hizbut-Tahreer (Followers of Taqiyud-Deen an-Nabahaniy). They deem anyone that commits any large sin as a blasphemer, and they claim that the people are creators on their own; that they create whatever they do.

One must be warned from those who claim to be sufies and oppose the true sufi fundamentals. Those who oppose the explicit text of al-Qur’an and the teachings of the Prophet peace be upon him such as al-Hululiyah and al-Qadariyah and others such as:

Hassan Qatirjiy: Follows Sayid Qutub in his extreme beliefs. Claims that no matter how many times one curses Allah, he is still a Muslim as long as he does not choose another religion. He claims that Women must cover their faces otherwise they are enormous sinners. Calls for extreme beliefs that permits the killing of Muslims for following the local governments even in the smallest maters.

Khaled al-Jundiy: He says that there’s no harm in choosing any religion, and the one who wants to apostate is most welcome. He claims that there’s not such thing as al-Qur’an is a cure. And he says about our masters Abu Bakr and Omar believe in beliefs that are not accepted by the sound mind. He claims that a non pious Muslim does not benefit from the Qur’an. He claimed that Allah dwells in things, and that Allah resides in a direction. He accused Prophet Ibrahim with shirk (associating partner to Allah) and other blasphemous beliefs.

Amr Khalid: A man named ^Amr Khalid, who is an Egyptian Accountant that suddenly became a big fan for many people for claiming to be a so-called modern "scholar" or caller to Islamic knowledge. The question is not how this man became to that position or why?. Our opposition on that man are his false and abhorrent sayings that no two Muslims can accept or to believe in!! Among the deviant sayings of Amr Khaled are:
-He claims that people can have any religion or belief that want. (Freedom of beliefs)
-By using his weak and ill slang language he attributes to Allah attributes of the creations.
-He claims that Allah "awaits" at nights for the repentance of the sinful Muslim.
-He claims that Satan (Shaytan, the devil) did not commit kufur!!!

He has many other beliefs that are not from a Qur'an or Sunnah. e ask Allah to protect us and you from such beliefs, and to guide us always to the true path of Ahlus-Sunnah. Beware of the teachings of Amr Khaled, and warn from them.

Muhammad al-Buti: claims Allah dwells in things, and that Allah is a body and that souls are attached to Allah, and accuses the Prophet with doubt in his prophethood, and that it’s permissible to watch pornography.

And one must be warned from Munirah Qubaysi and Muhammad Ameen Sheikho and Ahmad Hassoon and Muhammad Rajab Deeb as they collect money by the name of Islam and issue fatwas that oppose the Ijma^ of Ahlus-Sunnah.

Nazim al-Qubrusliy: Claims to be the head of sufis and sultan of 'Awliya' today. He has many sayings that oppose al-Qur'an and the hadith. He opposes the true meaning of Sufism. He claims that reciting the last verses of al-Buqrah will make you reach a rank higher then the prophets. He and his misguided sheikh ad-Daghistaniy claims that his people could be better the the Prophets. They believe in Hulul that Allah dwells in the creations (wal-^iadhubillah) which is kufur to belief. He cancelled the fiver prayers on some and claimed that it's permissible for him (as a sufi) to look at the nakedness of the woman. This is not Islam nor sufism. Click here for more this man and here.

The Yashrutiyah Shadhiliyah: It’s said that they claim to follow Sheikh Aliy Noorud-Deen al-Yashrutiy from Tunisia who lived in ^akka, Palestine. He had followers, some of them deviated during his life and so he disowned them. They claim that Allah dwells in everyone, male or female, this kufur is worst then the kufur of jews and fire worshippers. They claim Allah is in everything, in fact one said to other you are Allah, this wall is Allah.. this is from the severe blasphemy. Allah is clear from dwelling in this, or from things dwelling in him, Allah has no shape or limit or body, Allah exists without a place. Sheikh Ali Noorud-Deen, Allah guided by him some people. But the others misguided, those Yashrutiyah when they gather men and women they shake hands of the marrigable woman and they say: We are the sufi people of Tariqah, they deemed a haram matter as halal wal^iyathubillah. A women among them said: I move my hand because Allah is in it. They are disbelievers.

The Tijaniyah:
It was said that Abul-^abbas at-Tijani during the occupation of morocco, his Tariqah was changed and perverted between his followers it’s possible that he is not like them, it’s possible that they are like the Yashrutiyah. They have a statement they say “O Allah raise the rank of the prophet the one who is really You” they claim that Muhammad is Allah Himself wal^iyathubillah. They claim they are sufies, they claim that anyone who takes their Tariqah becomes better then the Qutub Waliy. They sit in a circle and recite their Wird and claim that the prophet sits with them. They have other strange false beliefs.

The Dandrawiyah:
The origin of it is correct, but those who follow it now they have perverted its origin. Abul-^abbas ad-Dandrawiy was Egyptian, he was not like the Dandrawiyah today. Those are lost, they don’t know Islam, they say: “O Allah raise the rank of every creation and their creations” this is blasphemy, they claim that creations create. Al-Qur’an says what means: “Allah is the creator of everything”. So there’s no creator other than Allah. Strange, these people read al-Qur’an and oppose it.

The Burhaniyah:
Their sheikh is Ibrahim al-Burhaniy, was a bank agent, and then claimed to follow the Sufi Tariqah. He shakes hands of marriageable women, and women kiss his hand. Both matters are forbidden in Islam. They have a book called: “Awrad of al-Burhani Tariqah” on page 30/31 they say: “Allah inhabits the creations, and it’s possible for the slave to dwell in Allah” we seek refuge by Allah from this kufur. This Tariqah is not from the Tariqahs of the true sufies, in fact true sufies warn people from it.

There are other sufi claimers who have false beliefs. Like those who claim that the prophet knows everything that Allah knows, or the ones who say that Prophet Muhammad is inhuman, and that he is physical light. This belies the Qur’an and the teachings of the Prophet. Allah said in the Qur’an what means: (and we made from water every living thing) and another ayah (O Muhammad Say I’m a human like you, Allah reveals on to me). And The Prophet peace be upon him said: “I only know what Allah conveys onto me”. Beware from those who claim to be sufies and oppose the Qur’an and the Snnah of the prophet peace be upon him.

We ask Allah to protect us from misguidance and keep us stead fast on Islam.