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Mawlid Story..

In a humble honorable home, Amina bintu wahab alone in the house of Abdul-Muttalib the father her husband. The contractions intensified, Aminah is alone. Abdul-Muttalib at the Ka^bah.

The universe awaits the light of guidance. The unjust are oppressing others, and the oppressed are many.
When will the Prophet come? when will Ahmad, the final messenger come?

In that small home, Aminah, after being visited by a Prophet every month delivering good news to her, she then was surprised by pious ladies giving her good news and keeping her company. What's the happening? What's awaited? the ground is dry where is the rain?

Let the world rejoice, Ahmad is born, Muhamad the supported and glorified Prophet is born.
Muhammad the son of Abdullah was born as an orphan. Then his mother died while he was 6 years, then his grandfather died while he was 8 years old.

He was raised as a young pious man with great manners. Known with wisdom, honor, patience intelligence and mercy. So people loved him. Khadijah bintu Khuwaylid trusted him, so he led her trades to countries of Sham. She proposed to him and he married her.

At the age of 40, Angel Jibreel came down and revealed the first verses of Surat al-^Alaq onto Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. What secrets did this cave pertain? He declared the truth and spread the call of Islam. Ordered and forbade, taught in day and night, winter and summery, hot and cold without reluctance.
Many loved in him, enemies fought him. So they insulted him and
surrounded him, and tried to kill him. Then came the migration as
on order from Allah, support and victory.

So the Prophet united the people, supporters and migrators. The Muslims became strong and united. He then returned opening Makkah victoriously.

People then embraced Islam in large numbers. Many victories followed, and the truth was spread and the banner of Tawheed was raised. No one is God except Allah, Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.
Then death occurred, yes the soul of our beloved departed the dunia, after establishing the greatest civilization history knew. You departed O messenger of Allah, and your book, way, teachings and legacy remained

Your companions, loved you, glorified you, kissed you, hugged, sought blessings and tawassul by you. While you are who you are, the master of the modest ones and Prophet of peace.

This is the biography of Prophet Muhammad, show me anything like it! These are his manners, show men anything equal! These are his teachings, show me better!
Life before the coming of Prophet Muhammad, is not the same as after he came. He changed the face of history. How great you are O Muhammad, everything about you is superb.
You are beloved by Allah, His kaleem, the Shafi^ Interceder, the teacher and merciful advisor, the courageous, wise leader, the best and greatest of the Prophets, the victorious and supported, you are the beloved one and healer.
You are Ahmad and Muhammad. Peace and blessings be upon you O Messenger of Allah. We have become weakened, and you are our wasilah so bless us with your du^a’ to Allah.

If the darkness intensifies, our Leader is Muhammad ﷺ
The End has Begun!

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