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Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was attached to Loving God not Women!

The Prophet’s heart was not attached to women. Rather, his heart was attached to the love of God. Prophet Muhammad married Lady Khadijah, a twice-widowed woman, when he was 25 and she was 40. He did not marry any other woman until after she died and he was about 50 years old. This attests to the fact that his heart was not attached to the pursuit of women; otherwise, he would have married other women during her lifetime. Prophet Muhammad was the most beautiful, chaste, and honorable person ever created. Any woman would have wished to marry him given the chance, yet his heart was not attached to this matter.

God ordered the Prophet to marry multiple women for many wisdoms, and because of the religious benefits that this entailed. Among these benefits was the spread of the religious knowledge. Every one of his wives learned the religious rules from him, especially the rules pertaining to women's issues, like menses and pregnancy, and conveyed this knowledge to other women. Not only did they teach the women, at times they also imparted their knowledge onto the men and answered their questions pertaining to religious matters.

Prophet Muhammad was not the only prophet that married many women. Prophet Solomon, the son of Prophet David, did so as well. It is mentioned in the hadith that he was married to 100 women at once. For a wisdom, God did not restrict the number of women Prophet Solomon was permitted to marry. Prophet Solomon married not for fulfilling a desire, but for religious benefits, among which was to produce numerous offspring that would support and spread the religion of Islam.

May God raise the rank of our Prophet Mohammad and all other Prophets.
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