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Allah exists without a place.

Excellent Praise and Gratitude is due to Allaah, the Lord to whom belong the blessings and the endowements. May Allaah the Exalted and Glorified raise the rank of our beloved and honourable Prophet MuHammad, Sallallahu^alayhi wa salaam and protect his great nation from that which he feared for it ameen and ameen..
if someone claims that Allaah is located in the sky
say repent!
take your Shahada
for sure this is a lie
How could the One who made everything to
exist and be
be like the sun and moon
we look at and see
tell them that Allaah exists
without a body or place
He made every direction
that your mind can embrace
up, down, right, left
front and back
once were not
but Allaah existed Eternally
this,  the Prophet taught
tell them to clear Allaah
from being in all or any directions
and having a body
like millions of other creations
the searcher of the truth
will be content when they find
that Allaah is Unique and Greater
than all that is imagined in the mind
i hope these words sink
in the minds of those confused
before the Last day arrives
and they are those who lose
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