Author Topic: Poem - Islamic Beliefs about God  (Read 1084 times)


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God is our Creator, no one else creates.
The fact that God exists is not a question of debate.

God exists with no beginning and God is alive without an end.
God's life is not like our life; God does not descend or ascend.

God exists and is alive without being in a place.
God is not a body; God has neither hands nor face.

What ever picture comes to your mind, be it a shape or light.
Know that this is not your Lord, the One with a great might.

God has power over all creation, nothing escapes God's sight.
God hears all that's hearable; God knows all, both wrong and right.

Everything which happens is by the will of God.
Whatever God wills to be shall be, both what's typical and odd.

God speaks without a tongue or lips; God orders, promises and forbids.
God reveals thing to the Prophets; telling others is what the Prophets did.

The End has Begun!

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