Author Topic: Imam Al-Busiri's Qasida Al-Burda (English Translation) البردة مترجمة انكليزي  (Read 332 times)


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قال الإمام البوصيري في قصيدته المشهورة البردة في مدح النبي صلّى الله عليه و سلّم

The Imam Al-BuSuwriyy said in his famous poem Al-Burdah in praising the Prophet sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam

ظلمت سنة من أحيا الظلام إلى
أن اشتكت قدماه الضر من ورم

I have done injustice to the path of the one who prayed at night
Until his feet complained of pain and swelling

وشدَّ من سغب أحشاءه وطوى
تحت الحجارة كشحاً مترف الأدم

While he bound up his insides against the extremity of his hunger
Hiding his delicate skin beneath the stone tied round his waist

وراودته الجبال الشم من ذهبٍ
عن نفسه فأراها أيما شمم

The high mountains of gold sought to entice him
But he showed them in return the true meaning of elevation

محمد سيد الكونين والثقليـن
والفريقين من عرب ومن عجم

Muhammad is the master of the two worlds, master of jinn and men
And master of the two groups, Arabs and non-Arabs

نبينا الآمرُ الناهي فلا أحدٌ
أبر في قولِ لا منه ولا نعـم

Our Prophet, who commands the good and forbids the wrong
There is no one truer to his word, whether it be 'yes' or 'no'

هو الحبيب الذي ترجى شفاعته
لكل هولٍ من الأهوال مقتحم

He is the beloved one, whose intercession is hoped for
Against all the terrifying things that take us by storm

دعا إلى الله فالمستمسكون به
مستمسكون بحبلٍ غير منفصم

He has called the people to Allah, so those who cling to him
Are clinging to a rope which will never break
The End has Begun!

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