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Stress Management
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Psychologists say that:

Stress is hard to avoid in today`s high pressure world. One way to manage stress is to learn how to turn off the body`s stress response. This week`s tip will help you to reduce feelings of stress by requiring you to stop you`re doing, experience the moment, and breathe.

We take breathing for granted. Poor breathing adds to our feelings of stress, anxiety, and fatigue because it inhibits the natural release of wastes and prevents us from obtaining all of the oxygen that we need. Here`s a breathing tip to help you relax, increase your intake of oxygen, and reduce feelings of stress.

Take a deep breath in, slowly, through your nose. As you breathe in, your abdomen should rise as if you`re inflating a balloon. Raise your shoulders up towards your ears as you inhale. Let the air fill and raise your body. Feel the air fill your abdomen, and then your chest. Hold for a few comfortable seconds. Exhale slowly through your nose. Release your shoulders, chest, and abdomen as you exhale. Repeat once or twice and you`ll feel much better!
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