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The Dark History of Crime

Throughout the life of mankind many heinous crimes have occurred but none of them have been as widespread and as long as to what the Palestinians are suffering.

Throughout history and transcending geographical lines many lands have been usurped but there has been no other instance of the usurpation of a country for 60 years other than Palestine .

Likewise, in different places many people have become refugees but over the 60 year occupation of a country there is no other example than Palestine which can be mentioned and the hundreds of crimes committed by the Israeli regime do not need to be mentioned. The present article was printed in ‘Just’ in December, 2004 and was translated by from the Farsi that was printed in the Jame-Jam newspaper.

 Do you know:


1. When England formed the Palestinian problem in 1917 more than 90 percent of Palestine was Arab and there were at most 56 thousand Jews living in that country?


2. More than half of the Jews who lived in Palestine at that time were immigrants who immigrated to Palestine out of fear of being killed in Europe and less than five percent of Palestine was Palestinian Jews?


3. In that time, Palestinian Arabs owned 97.5 percent of Palestinian land and Jews (national and immigrant) owned only 2.5 percent?





4. When England referred the Palestinian issue to the United Nations in 1947 Zionists owned 6 percent of Palestinian land?


5. Knowing all this, the general assembly of the United Nations formed a Jewish government in Palestine and gave 54 percent of Palestinian land to it?


6. Israel then occupied 80.48 percent of Palestine land and that land is still being occupied?


7. The Israeli government set aside 85 percent of all water sources for the land occupied by Jews while the remaining 15 percent is used by Palestinians? For example, in Hebron 85 percent of the water is used by the 500 Jewish immigrants while the remaining 15 percent is divided up between 120 thousand Palestinians who are living in that city.


8. This expansionism started before May 15th 1948, before the English forces officially left Palestine , before Arab armies came to support Palestinian Arabs, before the war between Arabs and Israel ?


9. The International Human Rights Organization announced (in December, 1948) that every person has the right to decide his own future, but Palestinians according to the Oslo agreement must debate in order to achieve this goal?


10. The general assembly of the United Nations ruling in 1947 to form a Jewish state was over and above their power given to them by the United Nations?


11. All efforts of Arab and Asian countries to make the general assembly of the United Nations to send their decision, questioning the authenticity of it, to the international court in The Hague in order to get a legal answer were either dismissed or disregarded?


12. When the general assembly decided to discuss the Palestinian issue again in 1948 they were unable to confirm their previous decision of the division of Palestine leaving the legal existence of a Jewish State problematic?


13. No other country in the world, being a member of the United Nations or not, has been condemned more than Israel in the United Nations?


14. No Arab country as of yet has been condemned by any part of the United Nations for attacks on Israel ?


15. Israel has refrained from implementing 69 United Nations Security Council resolutions?


16. Israel , in addition to exiling a large number of Palestinian Arabs and their many attacks on neighboring Arab governments, has continued attacking United Nation observers and other personal stationed on the cease-fire line? Israel killed the first United Nations mediator and his military consultant and arrested many observers of the cease-fire who are members of the United Nations? Israel militarily occupied the United Nations center and illegally questioned the personal stationed there?


17. Israel , disregarding United Nations Security Council resolutions, has occupied parts of Lebanon and Syria ?


18. The decision in 1947 by the general assembly to form a Jewish State in Palestine was confirmed by European, American, and Australian governments – no Asian or African nation conferment this (except South Africa)? When the 29th general assembly took place in 1947 when this issue was being voted on only South Africa , under severe pressure by America , was forced to change its vote and vote in favor of the creation of a state? Therefore, this country was established in Asia-Africa without the approval of any Asian or African country except South Africa which was being ruled by a foreign minority.


19. When the cease-fire was accepted in 1949, Israel broke it many times and continued its offensive policies by entering the land of its Arab neighbors? Israel has been rebuked time and time again by the Security Council and The United Nations General Assembly and has been condemned 5 times by the Security Council and 6 times by the General Assembly?


Strangers in the house


20. Since the beginning of its creation Israel has been a stranger to its Asian and African neighbors and has not had a representative in any Asian or African conference or any non-aligned conference?


21. Israel has implemented a nationalistic system against Arabs? About 90 percent of Arabs in Palestine live in ‘safe areas’ which are under military law and the travel of an Arab from one village to another or from one city to another is limited? Arab children do not receive the same level of education? Arabs do not receive the same amount of job opportunities and if they do get a job their salary is less than that of a Jew?


22. Western countries have time and time again stated their position that there must be equal military forces in the region between Israel and the 100 million Arabs living in 13 Arab countries? This decision is just as if it is said that Cuba who is in opposition with America must have an equal army to that of America or South Africa must have the same size army as all of Africa .



23. The United States sends 3 billion dollars of help to Israel every year and does not help any other country in the world this much? America ’s financial aid to Israel is more than its financial aid to all of Africa ?



24. With the above realities, why do western media outlets always introduce Israel as the strong democratic base and the champions of peace in the Middle East ?


25. Until the year 1993, the United States and Israel allowed aid into the occupied territories and the aid given by the United Nations was used by the people of the West Bank and Gaza , but since 1993 they have blocked this aid?



26. Israel is the only country in the Middle East which has refrained from signing the nuclear proliferation act and does not allow international observers into their nuclear sites?


27. Israel is the only country in the Middle East that owns nuclear weapons?


28. High ranking Israeli army officials have accepted that non-military captives by the Israeli army be murdered?


29. The Israeli government refrains to try its soldiers who have killed prisoners of war?


30. Ariel Sharon, Israel’s present (former) prime minister, was officially responsible for the murders at Sabra and Shatilla in Lebanon as announced by an Israeli court? In this genocide, thousands of Palestinian refugees were murdered in 1982.


31. Present day Israel is built over 400 destroyed Palestinian villages and Israel has changed the name of almost every place in this country so their destruction will remain hidden?


33. Since the Oslo peace agreement, the illegal Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian territory have doubled?


34. In the thirty years that Palestine was occupied by England , Zionists were only able to purchase 3.5 percent of the land and that with the help of England – most of these lands were given to the Zionists by the English government which they bought from the Arabs?


35. The building of illegal settlements during the reign of Ehud Barak doubled in relation to the reign of Benjamin Netanyahu?


36. Illegal settlements in occupied Palestinian territory has increased during the reign of Ehud Barak more than in any other time in the history of occupied Palestine ?


37. Although torture has been forbidden by the Israeli Supreme Court, Palestinian prisoners are tortured at the hands of Shin Bet?


38. There are more Palestinian refugees than refugees from any other country?


39. In opposition to the Oslo agreement, Israeli officials have surrounded Palestinian centers?


40. Palestinians have the highest percentage of PhDs in the world?