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Bismillah, alhamdulillah wa sallallahu ^ala rasulillah,

Some people use 786 as the "mathematical" value of "BismillahirRahmanirRaheem" they have computed it to be 786 by someone named Rashad Khalifa, hence people began using it.

That is a calculation to the Arabic letters in Hisab Al-Jummal (gematrical calculation). Allah knows if it's valid to use it for Qur'an. I would not. But I will explain further how this works.

Hisab al-Jummal is a cacluclation that assigns every letter in Arabic a digit.

Alif  = 1
Ba' = 2 ... and so on.

But the sequence is: 1,2,3... to 10, 20 - 100, 200 - 1000

The letters would be as follows:
أبجد هوز حطى :
(أ=1) (ب=2) (ج=3) (د=4) (هـ=5) (و=6) (ز=7) (ح=8) (ط=9) (ى=10).

كلمن سعفص قـ:
 (ك=20) (ل=30) (م=40) (ن=50) (س=60) (ع70) (ف=80) (ص=90) (ق100).

ـرشت ثخذ ضغظ:
 (ر=200) (ش=300) (ت=400) (ث=500) (خ=600) (ذ=700) (ض=800) (غ=900) (ظ=1000).

Scholars used to say a line of Poem, and at same time that line would give a secret code of when that poem was authored.

A poet used it in talking about the rules of Tajweed. He made a poem stating the rules of the Arabic letters, and in the end of the poem he said:
أبـيـاتـه نـدٌّ بـدا لـذِى النُّـهى               تـاريـخـها بشـرى لـمـن يتقنهــا


30+40+50 = 120
10+400+100+50+5+1 = 566

The last stanza means "the date of this poem is a good tiding to the one who masters it". That in Arabic, when calculated in Jummal calculation, gave the year he aughtored that book in. Which was year 1198 after Hijrah.

Islamic poets are very inteligent. They will say a line of poem instantly that has a beautifull meaning and at the same time gives you a the date or time using Hisab al-Jummal.

NOW, as for using that Hisab to calculate the Qur'an, I have never heard if it's valid or not. SO Allah knows if its valid to use it for the Qur'an. But I would not.

Scholars used it for Islamic poems.
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