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Dear brothers and sisters,

This forum contains a bank of authentic information about the belief of the Muslims according the Quran and Alsunna and Ijma^, Unanimous Agreement of the Muslims.

All of the forums have been restricted for only Admins or Moderators to preserve for you pure authentic Islamic information insha'Allah.

Make Good Use of This Material!!
Use the information here to read and learn from, to share it with friends that you care for, or copy and paste the information on other public forums for people who are thirsty for this knowledge. Do not forget to keep your intention sincere for the sake of Allah Subhanahu.

Make goos use of our powerfull Search tool

Type in that search textfield any word for any topic or hadith, and Insha'Allah you will find it.

I ask Allah to grant us and you Sincerety and to make us among the defenders of alsunna.

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Use our Powerfull "Search" Tool !!
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Also try alsunna search engine for any topic in Arabic or Enligsh that you need:


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Use our Powerfull "Search" Tool !!
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Dear Valued Brothers and Sisters:

As a result of our recent changes at, we are happy to inform you abour our latest development: the new Forums that we have:

. Learn Qur'an
. Learn Arabic
. Guestbook forum

At, you can expect many benefits. We have verified and authenticated all our posts and articles here. We have offered various posts of various topics.
We look forward to seeing you in this forum and hope that you benefit always from it. We welcome any questions you may have regarding this forum.


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