Author Topic: How to completely block Adult content on Android (Updated!)  (Read 126 times)


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Okay, so this kind of funny, but if you want to block porn on your Android (I mean completely block it) then here is how you do it.

Watch this video:

[Stuff used in this video]

1. Block Adult Videos on YouTube App And Make it Safe for Kids

2. Use Opendns
OpenDNS servers are: and

Now, to check if you are using openDNS
go here

FamilyShield DNS settings and

3. Use PornAway

4 The finishing touch.

4.1 Turn Safe search on Google app,
4.2 Turn Safe search on Google app,
4.3 And then turn on safe search on google search engine

Here are instruction

Get an app locker app,
And password protect the settings, play store etc.

Hope this helps. Get power of habit on Audible, go to
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