Author Topic: The new Hijri Year 1439  (Read 36 times)


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The new Hijri Year 1439
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A new hjri year has arrived!

Did you remember to note your children's birthday in the hijri calendar? There are religious rulings related to that, like for example you have to order the child (who has mental discrimination) with prayer when he/she becomes seven lunar years old. If this is not done the child's guardian is sinful, it is no more an optional thing. So it is critical to know this date, also for rulings pertaining to menstruation. When is the blood a girl sees menstruation when is it not; this is related to her age in lunar years. Also the point of time when a child becomes accountable is related to the lunar age (15 lunar tears) if no other signs have been seen before that age.
The twelve months Islamic calendar along with some significant events:
Muharram--^Ashura on the 10th
Rabi^ul Awwal--the Prophet's birth on the 12th
Rabi^ul Thaniy
Jamadal Akhirah
Rajab---the miracle of 'Isra and mi^raj
Ramadan--the month of fasting, when laylatul qadr occurs
Shawwal--^Id on the 1st
Dhul Qa^dah
Dhul Hijjah--^Id on the 10th

With our best wishes for a prosperous year filled with blessings and good deeds!
*mental discrimination is the age that the child understands when addressed and answers appropriately (usually 7).
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