Author Topic: Hijab: Modesty is Beautiful  (Read 33 times)


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Hijab: Modesty is Beautiful
« on: 09, 18 »
The woman who adheres to the Islamic dress code, fulfilling the obligatory covering for the sake of God, will be rewarded for that in the Hereafter. Her hijab is her constant reminder to follow the prescribed religious practices and avoid what is improper. Her hijab is a symbol of her steadfastness, her dedication to her religion, and keeps her in the company of those who have good character. Her hijab is her shield, protecting her from the approach of those who have ill intent. It is interesting to note, many veiled youths who grow up in non-Islamic countries report that they have never been pressured by their peers to drink, do drugs, or engage in sexual activity. The covered Muslim woman finds herself liberated from modern society's rules about women's looks and fashion. She feels free from being sexually objectified; rather she is judged by her personality and intellect.
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