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The dream is an act of seeing by the soul. The soul sees unlike the eyes see. The soul extends outside the body without detaching / disconnecting from it when it sees the dream then comes back inside the body; like a wire or rays extend then come back to their original position. Isn’t the sun far from the earth but its light reaches the earth and its rays connect to it.
Dreams are of three types:
1. Dreams called adghath in Arabic ( اضغاث) : when you think about something a lot so you see this thing in the dream.
2. Devilish dreams, like certain nightmares.
3. Dreams that the angels have a role in ( this dream has an interpretation ).
Among the best dreams that one can have is seeing the Prophet Mohammad, may peace be upon him, because this dream carries with it the good news that one will die as a Muslim.
May God grant us seeing Prophet Mohammad in our dream tonight.

If you see in your dream something that displeases you, do not mention it to anyone. Instead, turn your head and make a small puff (without emitting any spit) three times on your left side then say: I seek refuge with Allah from the evil of the devil and the evil of this dream. Then turn from the side you were sleeping on to the other side. The benefit of this is that the one who does this does not get harmed  by the evil of this dream, by the will of Allah.