Author Topic: The wisdom behind the Prophet having several wives  (Read 58 times)


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One of the religious wisdom behind that is to spread the rules of the religion by way of men and women. Through his various wives, each one of them teaches others the rules of the religion. Women are more comfortable with other women and so the rules of the religion spread that way. Many women benefitted from Lady ^Ā’ishah and also many men benefitted from Lady ^Ā’ishah and likewise his other wives, many people, both men and women benefitted from them. However, God gave Lady ^Ā’ishah extra knowledge in the fiqh, she is the most knowledgable woman in the knowledge of Fiqh (Jurisprudence) of all time. God, The Exalted, gave her brilliance in her mind, a strength in her mind, and a strength in her inclination towards learning the knowledge from the messenger even though she was very young. She acquired, during that time, from the Prophet a vast amount of knowledge and this is one of her many virtues.


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Masha'Allah, bless you.

May Allah increase the rank and honor of our beloved Rasulullah, his kind Aal family and companions.
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