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The Prophet and Lady Aiesha
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Angel Gabriel came to the messenger with a picture of ^A’ishah on a parchment and said “This is your wife.” After that, he asked for her hand in marriage from her father and consummated the marriage a few years later. This custom is not a strange matter to the arabs living in the arabian peninsula and it is something that was common among the arabs. The Prophet, peace be upon him, did not pursue her from himself, rather, he sought her hand after it was revealed to him. He did not seek her hand in marriage because she was a pretty young girl, it was not because his heart was attached to women. The Prophet, peace be upon him, was not attached to women nor was he attached to wealth. His heart was attached to the obedience of his Lord. Had the Prophet been attached to women, evidence of that would have appeared before he received the revelation, and he received the revelation when he was 40 years old. If he had been attached to women, a vice involving a female would have appeared from him. Instead, he was known for his integrity among his people to the extent that they called him the trustworthy, they used to nickname him the trustworthy because no immorality has ever occurred with him, no lie has ever occurred from him and no cheating in his dealings. Also, he was the most beautiful creation and despite that, an immorality never occurred from him during that entire time, 40 years. Then, after he received the revelation, he married a widowed woman named Sawdah, then ^A’ishah, then the other women. All of that was for a religious wisdom and that is to spread the rules of the religion by way of men and women, among other wisdoms.


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Re: The Prophet and Lady Aiesha
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May Allah increase the rank and honor of our beloved Rasulullah, his kind Aal family and companions.
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