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God is the only one who creates, that is to bring things from non-existence into existence. Both things that are solid bodies and things that are not solid are created by God. Examples of the first type are humans, earth, and plants; examples of the second type which are things that cannot be grasped are light and darkness. Also, a person’s motions, immobilities, thoughts, and intentions are created by God and not the person. All a person’s actions and immobilities, the ones that they do willfully and those that happen freely, are created by God. Humans do not create anything. God creates the heart and changes it as He wills.
The Prophet, may peace be upon him, said, “O Allah the One who manages the affairs of the hearts make our hearts fully obedient to you.” * The Prophet also said, "Indeed the heart changes more rapidly than the turning of boiling water in the heated pan." God creates the changing of the heart, which changes very quickly; It follows that God creates the feet, hand, and tongue motions. All of that is created by God.
*"اللهُمَّ مُصَرِّفَ القلوب صَرِّفْ قلوبَنَا على طاعَتِك"
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Re: God is the Creeator of Everything
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