Author Topic: The Story of Prophet Yusuf and the Wife  (Read 42 times)


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Zaleikha and the Honorable Prophet Yusuf

Zaleikha was the governor of Egypt's wife (عزيز مصر). Prophet Yusuf (Joseph) lived with them in their palace. Zaleikha tried to seduce Yusuf, but failed, because all the prophets are immune from falling into, or even considering, enormous sins such as fornication. Additionally, they are impeccable of committing sins like looking lustfully at marriageable women.
The ladies of the city started to backbite Zaleikha for desiring Yusuf. She invited them to her palace, and served them something that they needed to be cut with a knife. Some scholars said it was the citron fruit (al-etroj) offered with honey. She arranged for Yusuf to appear at that time. When the women saw Yusuf they were so taken by his beauty that they were distracted from cutting the food and cut their hands instead, without realizing it and without even feeling the pain. They had never seen someone so beautiful. Zaleikha then said, "This is the one you are blaming me for." Unabashedly, she proclaimed her desire for him and threatened him with imprisonment if he would not do as she wanted. Prophet Yusuf was firm in refusing her advances. He stayed in prison for several years, patient and fully reliant on God. May peace be upon Prophet Yusuf and all the other honorable Prophets.
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