Author Topic: What do you know about Lady Rabi'ah al- Adawiyyah?  (Read 95 times)


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Rabi'ah al- Adawiyyah, was known for singing during her early days. The reason for her repentance was the great Waliyy Thawban, Dhunun al-Misriyy*. She was initially preoccupied with playing the Oud** and with having fun. One day she went out with some of her friends taking with her the Oud and the like.

God inspired Thawban to go where they were going. They rode a boat; he rode with them. Thawban said some words that affected her greatly. She was attracted by what he said, and her prior situation changed to one of repentance and obedience , and she became immersed in the love of God, the Exalted.

* He is (ثوبان ابن ابراهيم، ذو النُّون المصري ), a scholar originally from South Egypt who said: "Whatever you imagine in your mind, God does not resemble it."

**The Oud ( العود) is a stringed musical instrument similar to the lute.

The beautiful city of Basra is the second largest city in Iraq and its main port. It borders Shatt al-Arab ( شط العرب) leading to the Arabian gulf. It is known by its extensive streams and canals; that's why some refer to it as the "Venice of the East". Rabi'ah took a ride in one of those streams that day, though nowadays many of the canals are not as easily navigated because of low water level and pollution.

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