Author Topic: Did you do these five things for your newborn child?  (Read 148 times)


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Did you do these five things for your newborn child?

Having a child is a very joyous event. Make sure you do the optional good deeds ( سنن) related to the newborn to give your child a head start!
What to do when a child is born?
1. Make adhan in his right ear.
2. Make iqamah in his left ear.
3. Make tahnik (تحنيك) : rub his gums with something sweet like with a chewed date.
4. Give him/her a beautiful name on the seventh day.
3. Shave his/her hair on the seventh day and weigh it. Give in charity the weight of the hair in gold or silver.
5.Make a aqiqah ( عقيقة), a feast prepared from the meat of slaughtered sheep, on the seventh day.

Follow our future posts to learn more details about each one of these matters.
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Don't know about today... But as of last year, No, They did not make you cut your hair. I saw some with pretty long hair at visits.


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Who is they? In any case the post is saying that it is a rewardable good deed (sunnah act). This is the case whether the child is a male or female.