Author Topic: Prophet Muhammad ﷺ has the Best Heart  (Read 92 times)


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Prophet Muhammad ﷺ is the One with the Best Heart

The source of piety lies in the heart, and its traces spread to the other organs of the body. This is why the Prophet, may peace be upon him, was the best of the creations--his heart contained the most love and glorification of God, more than that of any other human being or head angel, though his life span was much shorter than theirs.

The heart, to the other organs of the body, is like the king to his subjects. Just as the king is the one who manages the matters of those under him, the heart is the organ that manages the matters of the body. The tongue, for example, expresses what is emanating from the heart. Likewise, the private parts are controlled by the heart; it is the heart that either signals for them to fall into sin, or quells them, protecting them from falling into sin. The other organs of the body--the ear, the eyes, the hands, the feet, and the stomach--all are controlled by the heart.

The Prophet told us that the heart is the principal organ of the body. As reported by Al-Bukhariyy and Muslim, the Prophet said, "There is a bit of flesh in the body that, if sound, the entire body is sound, and if corrupted, the entire body will be corrupted. Indeed, it is the heart.

We ask God to purify our hearts and May God raise the rank of our beloved Prophet Muhammad and all other Prophets.
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