Author Topic: Did you know? The Prophet's heart was washed 3 times!  (Read 133 times)


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The Prophet's heart was literally washed three times.

1. The first time was when he was two years old. He was then with lady Halimah, his wet nurse, outside of Mecca. He was one day with her son behind the houses when two angels, Gabriel and Michael, came in the form of two men wearing white clothing and laid the Prophet down and opened his chest. A black blood clot was taken out from his heart. That clot is the place that the devil usually uses to affect people through. This was done in order to highlight that there is no spot within the Prophet subject to being affected by the devil. Then they washed his heart with snow water.

2. The second time was upon revelation when the Prophet was 40 years old, so that he receives what is revealed to him in a strong heart, in the most perfect situation of purification, and to further increase his honor.

3. The third time was prior to his night journey to Jerusalem and his ascension to the sky, to prepare him to see the wonders of the upper world in that night. This occurred in Mecca prior to his immigration to Medina. Angel Gabriel split his chest open and washed his heart with the blessed Zamzam water. Then the contents of a golden container filled with wisdom and belief was emptied into his chest.
Some scholars said it is probable that the wisdom behind the washing occurring three times is so that it would be an emphasized manifestation of total completion just as it is the protocol in his religious law.

We ask God to purify our hearts. O Allāh illuminate our hearts with the light of righteousness and the love of the Prophet.
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