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The Egyptian Ministry of Religious Endowments have launched a campaign to remove the books of wahhabis* that belong to the Salafi movement from all mosques in Egypt.

See this video Report: 

Names of scholars whose books are to be removed or confiscated:-

– Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab
– Ibn Taymiyyah
– Ibn Baz
– Ibn Uthaymeen
– Abu Ishaq al-Huweini
– Mohamed Hussein Yacoub
– Mohammed Hassan

They have already confiscated 7000 books and CDs from mosque libraries in Cairo, Alexandria and Giza. The authors of these materials include:

– Wagdi al-Ghoneim
– Yusuf al-Qaradawi
– Muhammad al-Maqsood
– Yasser al-Burhami
– Abu Ishaq al-Huweini
– Mohamed Hussein Yacoub
– Mohammed Hassan

The ministry’s department is currently launching an inspection campaign on mosques and libraries in all provinces, to make sure they are free of any books and media calling for “militancy and extremism”. as published by domuslims org.

* It must be known that these figures are wahhabis that have been producing among the strangest fatwas that azhar and majority of scholars denounce. These wahhabi so-called Salafi schools promoted extremism and misguidance.

The mufti of Makkah Ahmad bin Zaini dahlan already authored a book called "The Fitnah of Wahhabis" and he exposed some of what he saw and wittnessed from the wahhabi extreme and terrorist acts and crimes besides their radical beliefs and misguidance in aqeedah.

Read the book "The Fitnah of Wahhabis"

مفتي الشافعية في مكة الشيخ أحمد بن زيني دحلان، كشف في كتابه "فتنة الوهابية" عن بعض ارهاب وتطرف الوهابية المجسمة واستحلال دماء المسلمين وقتلهم وسرقهم ونهبهم باسم الدين بعد ذكر بعض عقائدهم الفاسدة التكفيرية المنحرفة عن الكتاب والسنة والسلف الصالح.

اقرأ كتاب: فتنة الوهابية

For full references with quotations to the deviant sayings of the Wahhabis see:

Warning from Nasir Deen al-Albani: