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The love of Ahl al-Bayt to the Companions (Sahabah)

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In this audio lesson we mentioned that those who hate the great companions such as the four khulafa, he will be deprived from the Mercy of Allah that's if He died on that situation hating all the companions of the Prophet peace be upon him.
Note: Note: The Sahabah used to love and respect Ahlul-Bayt Family of the Prophet peace be upon him. Imam Abu Hurairah once was on a horse, he saw Imam al-Hussein walking, with dust on his shoes. Then Imam Abu Hurairah dismounted the horse and bent down and cleaned his shoe for him from dust, and he said: "This is how we treat Ahlul-bayt". So he loved them.

Imam ^Aliy Radiallahu ^Anhu had a daughter and he gave her in marriage to our Master Omar Radiallahu ^Anhum.

Also Imam ^Aliy had three children that he named: Abu Bakr, Omar and Othman. Likewise Imam al-Hussein had three children with the same names: Abu Bakr, Omar, and Othma. Also Imam al-Hassan had a son named Abu Bakr. This indicates their love and respect to the Sahabah companions of our Prophet (Sallallahu ^Alayhi Wa Sallam).