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Question: Many people today are saying that Mawlid is bidaa and haram to do saying that because the Prophet did not do it. We know many things that the Prophet did not do it, but we do it and all Muslims do it today.. How can I explain to these ppl that mawlid celebration is acceptable in Islam?


Answer: Bismillah, praise be to Allah the lord of the worlds, and may Allah raise the rank of our belove master and teacher Prophet Muhammad, his kind Al and companions ameen.

All Sunni Muslims all over the world celebrate the birth of the Prophet. Only wahhabis oppose it and claim it's haram bida'a to do, but that's due to their ignorance. Ask these people the following:

What is Mawlid celebration?
- Mawlid is a time where Muslims rejoice in commemorating the birth of best of mankind, and talk about the mercies of Allah for sending Prophet Muhammad.

What happens in mawlid?
- People Recite Qur'an.
- Praise Allah, and the Prophet and not exaggerate
- Teach the people about the life of the Prophet
- Feed the people, rich and poor for the sake of Allah, and none of those are haram.

Did the Prophet do it?
- He did not say don't do it! Rather he fasted Monday and said:"That's a day on which I was born".

Why specify a certain day for Mawlid?
- Why not? did the Prophet prohibit specifying a certain day for worship? No.
- Also the Prophet mentioned hadiths for the specialty of making Salat on him on Fridays, so specifying a day is not prohibited.
- Prophet Muhammad urged us to fast ^Ashura' once a year because Allah saved Moses from Pharao.
- And the Prophet urged us to fast (syam) on Mondays because he was born on that day.


What's the Proof that we can celebrate Mawlid?
- Allah said: ورفعنا لك ذكرك, and in Mawlid Muslims praise the Prophet
- The Prophet fasted Ashura' and said "Allah saved Musa that day" and fasted Monday and said: "That's the day I was born"
- The Prophet said: "The one who innovates a good innovation in Islam has its reward and a reward similar to those who follow him in it"
- All Muslims celebrate Mawlid which was first made by al-Mudhaffar Hakim Irbil who was a great generous Muslim leader.

Other Proofs that Mawlid is good:
- Scholars approved and said it was good such as Ibn Hajar al-^Asqalaniy (Who authored Fathul-Bari interperting Sahih al-Bukhariy) and al-Hafidh as-Suyutiy, and Ibn Duhiya and others.
- Contents in Mawlid comply with the Qur'an and Religion
- Mawlid is about reciting Qur'an, dhiker, teaching about the Prophet, saying salat and salam on the Prophet which has great rewards!!

- During the Caliphate of ^Umar Ibnul Khattab, ^Umar initiated the gathering of people in Ramadan to pray Tarawih Prayer in congregation and said: "What a good bid^ah (innovation) that is!"


800 مليون مسلم يحتفلون بذكرى مولد النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم، وهم 100% على حق ومن شذ شذ في النار

800 Million Muslims Celebrate the Birth of Prophet Muhammad and they are 100% righteous. Only Wahhabis who attribute to Allah non befitting attributes such as sitting and moving and bodily parts, and whom attribute to the Prophet non befitting merits such as claiming that he sits with Allah on the throne, or that he is dead and not beneficial, and that calling his name as "Ya Muhammad' is considered to them as shirk and that visiting his grave is a great sin!! those wahhabis oppose true Sunnis because all Muslims believe that Allah exists without, he is not a body, and is clear from bodily attributes and that Prophet Muhammad is a human being, but benefits his Ummah by the will of Allah. Prophet Adam asked Allah by the status of Prophet Muhammad, and so Allah forgave him by Prophet Muhammad who is the wasilah to Allah. Allah forgave Adam, and Muhammad was a reason for the benefit.

Allah knows best.