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As salamou ^alaykoum Dear brothers,

Please, do you have the original copy of the 'fatwa' of al albaniyy concerning the Palestinian in which he says that it's blasphemy for the Palestinian to stay in Palestin.

I m waiting for your answer.



Wa ^Alaykum As-Salam,

Al-Albaniyy (Big leader of the Wahhabis) says: it's Kufur for the Palestinians to stay in Palestine"!! Look at Al-Liwa' Newspaper date 7/7/93 and book: "Fatawi Al Albaniy" p/18... Why did he say that? Ask them.

Also Al wahhabiah say that the believers other than them(!) are Kuffar and they are worthy of being slayed and their property and women and children are halal to be taken even though they praise the people of Shirk and the jews and the Mushriks of Quraysh who faught the Prophet Sallallahu ^alayhi wassallam and opposed him such as Abi Lahb and Abi Jahl, for, they are believers to wahhabies and they claim that they are most pious and sincere to Allah more than the ones who make tawassul and tabarruk to the Awliya’.

Not only they had that belief, but they also wrote it and put in a book called “How do we understand Tawheed” Authored by Ahmad Bashmeel and it was distributed in Ridad year 1987.

And they declared blasphemy to the leaders of the four Madahib (As-Shafi^iy, Abu Hanifah, Malik and Ahmad bin Hanmbal) and to the followers of the four Madhahib. Yes they had the guts to say such ugly things. Look in their book “Ad-Deen Al Khalis” p/140 printed in Beirut/Lebanon.!!!


Below are some of the Wahhabi Fatwas against Palestine:

And here's Ibn Baz Fatwa:


Other scans from their books are here:


Wahhabis are misguided and we must warn the Ummmah from them, their fatwas and their books because they are not defending our ummah, rather they are defending the enemy.

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