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The truth about the Burhaniyah Sufis

Their sheikh is Ibrahim al-Burhaniy, was a bank agent, and then claimed to follow the Sufi Tariqah. He shakes hands of marriageable women, and women kiss his hand. Both matters are forbidden in Islam. They have a book called: “Awrad of al-Burhani Tariqah” on page 30/31 they say: “Allah inhabits the creations, and it’s possible for the slave to dwell in Allah” we seek refuge by Allah from this kufur. This Tariqah is not from the Tariqahs of the true sufies, in fact true sufies warn people from it.

There are other sufi claimers who have false beliefs. Like those who claim that the prophet knows everything that Allah knows, or the ones who say that Prophet Muhammad is inhuman, and that he is physical light. This belies the Qur’an and the teachings of the Prophet. Allah said in the Qur’an what means: (and we made from water every living thing) and another ayah (O Muhammad Say I’m a human like you, Allah reveals on to me). And The Prophet peace be upon him said: “I only know what Allah conveys onto me”. Beware from those who claim to be sufies and oppose the Qur’an and the Snnah of the prophet peace be upon him.

We ask Allah to protect us, and Allah knows best.

Allah knows best.