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Islam is the religion of truth, it's a great religion that all the Prophets of Allah came with from Adam to the final Prophet, our Master Muhammad peace be upon them all.

So we thank Allah for this blessing, being a Muslim, and know that no matter how much increase there is in ignorance and ignorant people, the truth will always prevail. And from the event of Ashura, we should learn many lessons about this. Because the tenth of Muharram (Ashura ') is full of blessings and lessons, and that's why Allah made fasting the day of Ashura optionally Recommended matter per the hadith narrated by Bukhary and Muslim.

• On the day of Ashura '(tenth of Muharram) Allah forgave Prophet Adam,
• Allah saved Prophet Noah enabling his arch to land peacefully and victoriously,
• Allah saved Prophet Ibrahim from the tyrant Nimrood,
• Allah united Prophet Ya ^ qoob with his son Yussuf,
• Allah gave victory to Prophet Musa and split the sea for him and for the children of Israel and defeated Pharaoh (Fir ^ awn)
• Allah forgave Prophet Dawud and granted Prophet Sulayman great dominion
• And on that day Allah brought Prophet Yunus safely out of the whale
• On tenth of Muharram Allah cured Prophet Ayoub
• On that day the Battle of Dhat ar-Riqa ^ occurred

• And on that day of Ashura', on Friday the year 61 after the hijrah, a great tragedy befell the Muslims, the killing of the grandson of the messenger of Allah peace be upon him, the killing of Imam Abu Abdullah al-Hussain the son of Imam ^ Aliy, who is the son of lady Fatimah (Radiallahu ^ Anha) the daughter of Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu ^ Alayhi wa Sallam).


Imam al-Hussein was killed by an unjust group. He died as a martyr at the age 56 years old. He is the one whom our Prophet praised him along with his brother saying: “Husayn is from me and I’m from Husayn.” This means that: “My love to him is full and so is his love to me, and my affection towards him is full and so is his affection towards me.”

Dear brothers and sisters we remind you that fasting the tenth of the month of Muharram is Sunnah as reported that our Prophet peace be upon him did fast that day and said: "If I lived until next year, I shall fast the 9th (as well as the tenth of Muharram)”.