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Assalamu Alaikum wa rahmatullah ita'ala wa barakatuh Ikhwani Muslimin.

Audhubillahi min as-shaytani rajim, bismillah irRahmani arRahim,  Alhamdulillah i-Rabbi-l-Alamin

Assalamu ala Rasulillah wa sahbihi ajamain

I'm a Muslim student by my self of the 4 Madhahib's Fiqh and a Mutasawwif of the Tariqat an-Naqshbandiyya al Hamdulillah-i-rabbi l'Alamin. I really appreciate and respect your web-site and i would like to thank you my dear brothers for your magnificent work of truly Islamic Dawah and Information against the actually corruption of our Ummah (may Allah guide us and forgive our sins) and the Ahl-al-Bida that's fighting us with their satanic power.

Al hamdulillah we know that our Beloved Prophet Saiddiyna Muhammad Sallallahu Alahi wa Sallam Rahmatan lil'Alamin want us to be in Unity under Islamic Law and Islamic Love and with this way I'm writing this e-mail.

All of us are servants of Allah Almighty and Insha'llah we are triyng to get better everyday for Him.

I've read your attacks to my beloved master Shaykh Nazim al Haqqani and our tariqa about the link:

I know that you have explained motivations for those attacks but I have to advise you that you didn't pay attention that are not correct to attribute to our Tariqa those takfir that you have spoke about...



Wa ^alaykum as-Salam,

We warn from wahhabis more than we ever warned from fake sufi claimers. We are in full support of true sufism, but definitely found Nazim and his followers not to be among them. And as we quoted in mercy oceans, some statments cannot be justified among them:

1- Claiming to attain a level higher than Prophets by reciting the end of Surat al-Baqarah
2- Hulul (Claiming that Allah dwells in the creations).
3- Making a Kafirs and Muslims Equal.
4- Canceling the 5 prayers.
5. See more quotes in

How could any Muslim accept such statement and claim it's the way of sufis? None of the true sufis accept such statments quoted in that research. And even the Mureeds students of Sheikh Othman Sirajud-Deen an-Naqshabandi warn from Nazim al-Qubrusli and they said to us about him "Nazim is not a Naqshabandiy, He ruins the name of our Tariqah". And so we stand strong behind our refutation to clarify to the Muslims the difference between a true sufi and a fake sufi claimer like Nazim and his followers.


We ask Allah to guide them to the true path, and Allah knows best.

Allah is NOT a body, neither tangible nor intangible body. Allah exists without a place.