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is bowing or touching money on forehead shirk kufur? and what about calling it as a second God.



1. Touching money on forehead for respect is not shirk, but should not be done. It's shirk if it was with intention of worship.

2. Bowing for Money, or Sun or Fire or Animals is explicit Shirk (blasphemy). But bowing for a human for respect only, then it's not shirk but it's haram as per the hadith of Mu^adh bin Jabal who prostrated to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) out of respect, and the Prophet ordered him not to do that. As for bowing or prostrating to him for worship of course is shirk.

Saying that money is a second God is kufur because it belies the Qur'an Surah Ikhlas and many others.


Note: The second category of apostasy, i.e., the apostasy of actions committed by different parts of the body, includes prostrating to an idol or the sun. As for prostrating to the human, if it's with the purpose of worshipping it it's kufur, if for respect it's haram.

The rule is: any belief, action, or saying which belittles Allah, His Books, His Messengers, His Angels, His Rites, the well-known practices of His Religion, His Rules, His Promise, or His Threat is blasphemy. Hence, the human being must use caution with the utmost effort to avoid blasphemy.


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