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Saturday, 25 October 2014  
1. Muharram 1436
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Islamic Q&A

  Islamic Questions & Answers

In this Section, we provide questions and answers to controversial issues that are widespread in our time and age. 

Questions in Islamic creed (aqeedah) and matters of prayers and purifcation as well as dealings such as buying and selling and sins.

Islamic answers are based on proofs from the Qur'an, and the hadith, sayings of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) and the sayings of astute scholars from the Salaf and Khalaf upon which there was a scholarly consensus (Ijma^) among the Muslim nation. For your Islamic questions, please send an email to: fatwa @ 


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66 21-What is the first of the creations? 1174
67 20-Discuss the torture of the grave. 1182
68 19-Clarify the judgment related to praising the Prophet (Anasheed) 1368
69 18-How does one enter Islam? 1048
70 17-Can women visit the graves? 1318
71 13-Discuss asking Allah by the Prophet (Tawassul). 1074
72 11- What is the judgment concerning calling the Prophet or Righteous Muslims even in their absence (Tawassul)? 1385
73 10- Can du^a’ be defined as anything other than worship? 1030
74 09-Can the term du^a’ be defined as worship? 1042
75 08-What does worship (^Ibadah) mean? 1224
76 07-What is the most enormous sin? 1120
77 06-What is the meaning of Ayah 4 of Suratul-Hadid وَهُوَ مَعَكُمْ أَيْنَ مَا كُنتُمْ? 1072
78 05-Discuss the Existence of Allah. 1123
79 04-What does Tawhid (Oneness of God) mean? 1227
80 03-Why did Allah send Messengers? 1089
81 02-How is worship (^Ibadah) accepted? 1134
82 01-What is the purpose of creating the humans and the jinn? 1144
83 Take this 50 Islamic Q&A Course 1695
84 Your Personal Obligatory Knowledge of Islam 1471
85 Ways of Sitting in Salat كيفية الجلوس للتشهد 1269
86 Why some People claim the Prophet is light? 1117
87 Souls - How is Life Like after Death in al-Barzakh? 1973
88 Our Prophet is NOT created from Light 1378
89 Question about Hadith Jabir and Musannaf Abdu-Razzaq 2514
90 What is Aboveness or Highness when Attributed to Allah? 3924
91 Is Prophet Muhammad Noor? 3345
92 What did Salaf say about the Verses of al-Qur'an that are Mutashabihat? 3096
93 How do I repent from sins I did? 2085
94 Reciting Quran for the dead..? 5815
95 What's the judgment of touching the hair of the Prophet for blessings? 1591
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