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I need to know whether a muslim can wear a amulet containing Quranic verse according to ahlus sunnah.(Not any Shirk Word  ONLY QURANIC and HADEES) coz i am arguing with a wahhabi and he quotes me some Bukhari Hadees..Appriciate for the great help.




Yes wearing Hirz with Qur'an verses is not haram as wahhabis claim, in fact the Sahabah did this. So according to the Wahhabis the Sahabah are committing shirk? shame on these takfiri wahhabis.

Here's a proof from Imam Ahmad himself saying it's ok to do so:
الإمام أحمد يجيز الحرز يعلق على الرقبة والوهابية يزعمون أنه شركالإمام أحمد يقول عورة المرأة ما سوى الوجه والكفين والوهابية يزعمون أن وجهها وصوتها عورة


Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal said: "Nothing wrong with ta^weedh from the Qur'an and hanging it on the neck".

Ta^weedh means seeking protection. And that's why the Prophet named Surat al-Ikhlas and an-Nass as:"al-Mu^awidhatayn" which means the 2 protectors.

What's haram is to use sorcery blackmagic or to shirk statements and write them and hang them on the neck (Tama'im) or give them to others to harm them. As for hanging Qur'an, like ayat al-Kursiy on the neck, The 3 Mu^awidhat and such, this is not haram, rather this was taught by the companions and other great scholars.

Imam Abu Hanifah used to make those hirz himself. Also it's confirmed that the Prophet made ta^weedh for Imam al-Hassan and al-Hussain. Allah is the protector, the creator, He does not need anything, Allah exists without a Place, we need Him.


Allah knows best. 

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