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1.    Islam is the fastest growing religion, and it is the religion of all Prophets of Allah!

2.    Paradise exists above the seventh sky. Hellfire exists and it is a real fire below the seventh earth. Its depth is 70 years.

3.    Jinn are created form fire. Satan was a Muslim Jinn first and blasphemed when he objected to Allah. But he was never an angel.

4.    Angels are created from light; they are neither males nor females. They do not eat or drink and they never disobey Allah.

5.    The best five Prophets (respectively) are: “Muhammad, Ibrahim, Moses, Jesus, and Noah” peace be upon them all.

6.    Prophet Ayyub (Job) was very patient over calamities and illness, but it’s not true that worms used to eat his flesh!

7.    Prophet Yussuf never intended to have adultery with the wife of al-^Aziz, rather he wanted to push her away, and she ripped his shirt from the back.

8.    Prophet Ya^qoob (Jacob) is also called Isra’il (Hence Children of Isra’il).

9.    Prophet Ibrahim was always a Muslim and he never doubted about the existence of Allah. He refuted those who worshiped idols and stars.

10.    The father of Prophet Ibrahim was not Muslim, and he used to sell idols.

11.    Islam is the only true religion, and every accountable non-Muslim must embrace Islam to go to Paradise.

12.    Allah created the throne as a sign of His great Power and NOT to sit or rest on it as Imam ^Aliyy said.

13.    The throne (^Arsh) is the biggest creation and it is the ceiling of Paradise, it's currently carried by four Angels.

14.    The Sky is the Qiblah for Du^a’ just as the Ka^bah is the Qiblah for Salah, that’s why we raise our hands to the sky.

15.    Every Accountable Muslim (Mukallaf - Sane and reached Puberty) must acquire the basic Personal Obligatory Knowledge of the Religion.

16.    Tawheed is the best and most honored knowledge, and it means to clear Allah from having a partner and to clear Allah from resembling the creations in any way.

17.    Dhiker “Ya Qayyum” help relieve stress and it means: “O Allah, You are the One who manages everything and does not need anything”.

18.    The one that believes there’s a new Prophet after Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) is not a Muslim.

19.    Riddah is to: Say, Do, or Believe in any type of Blasphemy Kufur. Committing Riddah takes the person out of Islam, and he/she becomes Murtadd (apostate).

20.    The non-Muslim and Murtadd embrace Islam by believing and saying the two Shahada: “I testify that no one is God except Allah, and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah”.

21.    When a Non-Muslim embraces Islam, all his/her sins are waived. When a Muslim commits blasphemy, all his good deeds are waived.

22.    Imam al-Mahdiy will be the last Just Muslim ruler on earth who will unite Muslims.

23.    Ahlus-Sunnah follow mainly four schools: Shafi^iyy, Hanafiyy, Maliky and Hanbaliyy.

24.    Prophet Muhammad was born in Makkah on Monday the 12th of Rabi^ul’awwal, and hundreds of Millions celebrate his Birth (Mawlid) until today.

25.    {Allah is a Guide (Noor) for the heavens and earth} Noor here refers to His Guidance to Islam, and cannot be taken literally because Allah created the light and darkness, and He is not like any of the creations.

26.    The Day of Judgment is 50,000 years long.

27.    Sadaqah charity given sincerely and in secret protects you from calamities, hardships and illnesses.

28.    Al-Khawarizmiy was the first scholar to invent the zero “0” digit and the algorithms.

29.    Hadith: “Whoever makes a complete wudu', his sins will depart his body, until they leave from under his nails”.

30.    Hadith: Praying the five prayers, and Jumu^ah to next Jumu^ah, eliminate the sins committed in between, unless mixed with big sins (kaba’ir).
حديث: الصلوات الخمس والجمعة إلى الجمعة كفارة لما بينهن ما لم تُغش الكبائر

31.    Imam Abu Ja^far at-Tahawiyy (as-Salafiy - born 237 Ah, died 321 AH), said: "Allah is utterly clear of all boundaries, extremes, sides, organs, and instruments. The six directions do not contain Him, as they contain all created things". Allah is not a body. Surat ash-Shura, ayah 11 means: "There is nothing like Allah and He has the attribute of Hearing and Seeing."

32.    The 13 attributes of Allah that have been mentioned repeatedly in Quran & Hadith are: Existence, Oneness, Eternity,  Non-neediness of others, Everlastingness, Power, Will, Knowledge, Hearing, Speech Sight, Life and Non-Resemblance to the creations.

Three Golden Rules:
الله لا يشبه شىء. الله موجود بلا مكان مهما تصورت ببالك فالله بخلاف ذلك
Allah does not resemble anything in any way. Allah exists without a place.
Whatever you imagine in your mind,
Allah is different from that.


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